domingo, 5 de noviembre de 2017


                                            Description of a person   

                                   Malú is a famous singer.

She is tall and slim. She has got a brown eyes and 

brown large hair.She is young,intelligent ,friendly and happy.  

Malú like singing and she like playing with animals. Malú is 

spanish and she lives in Madrid.


domingo, 18 de junio de 2017

My cousin's first communion

                           My cousin's first communion

Last Sunday was my cousin's first communion. Araund
70 friends and family members were there. It das in a
restaurant in Perez. It das fantastic because the meal
was excellent and there was a chiken,croquettess,fish,
rice,cheese and meal. The children ate pizza,patateos
and fish. There was a delicios desert:ice crem and
After the meal ,children could swim and dance. There
was a bird's show. All my family was very happy and
have present for my cousin. She was very happy. My
dress was white and punk,but my cousin's dress was
most beautifully.

Description of animals

                                   Cat's description

   Cats are the second most popular pet in the world.

  The cat is small ,typically furry,carnívoros 

   mammals. They can see in near darkness. Like most

  other mammals, cats have poorer color vision and

  a better sense of semell, than humans. Cats have 

   a high breeding rate.

Animals description

                                     Animals description 

The dog

A dog is a popular animal in the world. Some dogs are black some are white and some are brown.The dog live for around 20 years . They usually eat  food .They are very friendly and they aren't dangerous.

The lion

The lion live in the savanna. It is a mammals. They're eat meat of animals as zebras.. Lion is as big as a tiger, but it is more powerful than other animals. It's got long hair in it's head. I think it is the most beautiful.

The elephant 

The elephant lives in África. It eats leaves. It is got big ears and a long nose. It got long train. It is the haviest animal in the savanna. An elephant moves slowly ,
but it's more dangerous than a hypo.I think it is as nice as a lion.

domingo, 12 de marzo de 2017


                             MY HOLIDAYS IN ROMANIA

This is my photo from my holidays in Romania. It's beautiful there. I

love its nature. Romanía has got many mountains, river and hills.

My family visited the Dracula'castle in Transylvania. The castle 

is large and has many ancient artifacts.Fear and males you hear

strange noises inside.It's very warm and my family wear shorts and

shirts over. My sister doesn't like to visits so she goles with her 

friends to the river to swim.It's fantastic there.

We are having a great time


                                MY FAVORITE CELEBRITY  

All about Shakira
Shakira Isabel Mebarek Ripoll is my favorite celebrity.Shakira 
was born on 2nd February,1977.She has got brown eyes and
long,blonde hair.She is generous clever and friendly.

Her carecer
She is a famous singer, songwriter, dancer, récord producer
choreographer, and model who was listen in2014as the 58th
most powerful woman in  the world by Forbes,and became 
the first person to reach 100milion followers on Facebook.

Her family 
She lives in Colombia,Barranquilla with her boyfriend Gerarl
Pique and her two son.

What she likes
Shakira likes dogs,Bunnies.She likes listening músic. She 
enjoys reading,watching móviles,Painting and Horse Riding.

An email

My name is Larisa Iulia Creta.I'm 13 years ole and I'm from Salobreña.
I've got one brother and one sister.My school is near my house.I get 
up at 7:00 in the morning and I get dressed.I have breakfast at 7:30 
Then I go to school.I study from 8:15 at 3:45 from Monday to Friday.
After school I have lunch and I do my homework. Then I chat online
with my friends and I watch TV. Then I Play games with my phone
Then I go to bed.

                                                       Your new friend Larisa

Her name is Ana~Maria Berar.She is 13 years old and she's from Mititei.
She has got one sister. Her school is near her  house. She get up at 6:30
in the morning and gets dressed. She has breakfast at seven o'clock.Than
she goes to school.She studies from eight o'clock at two o'clock every day.
After school she has lunch and she does her homework. Then she chat
online with her friends and she sometimes meets her friends.In the
evening she has dinner and she watches TV.Then she goes to bed.