domingo, 12 de marzo de 2017


                             MY HOLIDAYS IN ROMANIA

This is my photo from my holidays in Romania. It's beautiful there. I

love its nature. Romanía has got many mountains, river and hills.

My family visited the Dracula'castle in Transylvania. The castle 

is large and has many ancient artifacts.Fear and males you hear

strange noises inside.It's very warm and my family wear shorts and

shirts over. My sister doesn't like to visits so she goles with her 

friends to the river to swim.It's fantastic there.

We are having a great time


                                MY FAVORITE CELEBRITY  

All about Shakira
Shakira Isabel Mebarek Ripoll is my favorite celebrity.Shakira 
was born on 2nd February,1977.She has got brown eyes and
long,blonde hair.She is generous clever and friendly.

Her carecer
She is a famous singer, songwriter, dancer, récord producer
choreographer, and model who was listen in2014as the 58th
most powerful woman in  the world by Forbes,and became 
the first person to reach 100milion followers on Facebook.

Her family 
She lives in Colombia,Barranquilla with her boyfriend Gerarl
Pique and her two son.

What she likes
Shakira likes dogs,Bunnies.She likes listening músic. She 
enjoys reading,watching móviles,Painting and Horse Riding.

An email

My name is Larisa Iulia Creta.I'm 13 years ole and I'm from Salobreña.
I've got one brother and one sister.My school is near my house.I get 
up at 7:00 in the morning and I get dressed.I have breakfast at 7:30 
Then I go to school.I study from 8:15 at 3:45 from Monday to Friday.
After school I have lunch and I do my homework. Then I chat online
with my friends and I watch TV. Then I Play games with my phone
Then I go to bed.

                                                       Your new friend Larisa

Her name is Ana~Maria Berar.She is 13 years old and she's from Mititei.
She has got one sister. Her school is near her  house. She get up at 6:30
in the morning and gets dressed. She has breakfast at seven o'clock.Than
she goes to school.She studies from eight o'clock at two o'clock every day.
After school she has lunch and she does her homework. Then she chat
online with her friends and she sometimes meets her friends.In the
evening she has dinner and she watches TV.Then she goes to bed.

Dialogues Unit 3

1° Junk Food 
A:Do you like  Junk food?
B:Yes,I like.

A: How often do you eat junk food?
B: I eat junk food four times a week.
A: Are you kidding? I only eat junk food seven times a week
2° Music
A: Do you like music?
B:Yes,I listen music every day.
A: Really, I also listen music every day.

A: What is your favorite song?
B: My favorite song is love me like you do.
A: Are  you kidding? Is my favorite song ,too.
3°The Internet
A: Why do you use Internet?
B:I use the Internet because it helps us to school.
A: Really I use the Internet to talk to my friends.
A: What  is your favorite sport?
B: My favorite sport is football. And you?
A: My favorite sport is basketball. 

A: How often do you sport?
B: I do sport three times a day because is healthy.And you?
A: I do sport four times a week.

British tea

                                       BRITISH TEA

Here are the steps to making tea:
Heat the water in a kettle until it boils

Heat the teapot
Put tea leaves or tea bags into the teapot 

Don't heat the water again.
Leave it to rest 5 minutes for a softer tea and 10 minutes for a stronger tea
Once rested it is served directly in the cups
I like tea,and you,Do you like the tea?My sister doesn't like at all.

Timetable/L'emploi du temps


L'emploi du temps



A: Hello,Ana?
B:Yes.Who is it?
A:Oh,sorry.It's Larisa. 
B:Ohh.Hi Larisa.How are you?
A:Fine thanks.I call you to ask you about the Maths exam.
B:Ok ask.
A:When is it?
B:It's next week on Monday.
A:Ok,thank you very much.
B:Goodbye and we'll see you tomorrow.

miércoles, 8 de marzo de 2017


                                           UNIT 1

                      DESCRIPTION OF A PERSON


Shakira is a famous Singer Latin. Her birthday is on 2nd February. She has 39 years old. She is Colombian and she is from Colombia. She is a Singer, dancer and composer. 

What does Shakira look like?  She is beautiful and slim .She is tall ,athletic and young . She has got blond, long and curly hair and big brown eyes. 

What is she like?  She is a generous and friendly person.  She is hardworking and clever . She is honest , kind and funny with to people.