domingo, 12 de marzo de 2017

Dialogues Unit 3

1° Junk Food 
A:Do you like  Junk food?
B:Yes,I like.

A: How often do you eat junk food?
B: I eat junk food four times a week.
A: Are you kidding? I only eat junk food seven times a week
2° Music
A: Do you like music?
B:Yes,I listen music every day.
A: Really, I also listen music every day.

A: What is your favorite song?
B: My favorite song is love me like you do.
A: Are  you kidding? Is my favorite song ,too.
3°The Internet
A: Why do you use Internet?
B:I use the Internet because it helps us to school.
A: Really I use the Internet to talk to my friends.
A: What  is your favorite sport?
B: My favorite sport is football. And you?
A: My favorite sport is basketball. 

A: How often do you sport?
B: I do sport three times a day because is healthy.And you?
A: I do sport four times a week.

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